Nearly 996000 Canada job vacancies reported

Job openings reported on payroll employment and job vacancies shows approximately 996000 Canada job vacancies as of September 2022. Canada job vacancies as of September 2022. Reports shows Canada has been reported to have labour shortages due to pandemic and an aging and retired population.  Canada conditions present classy opportunities for foreign nationals who wish to relocate to Canada within any of it paths to immigration programs.

Since all major work sectors are looking to fill vacancies across all fields, the amount of jobs vacancies goes up to 3.8% (+35,300) to 994,800 in November.

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Latest Canada Government Jobs

The latest Canada Government Jobs has foresee more than thousands of jobs in different locations of the country in November, with an up time record of jobs between August and September. Compared to September in 2021 when the job vacancies foreseen in 75% of demands, the highest increase of over the year.

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Health Care and Social Assistance

The Healthcare and social assistance saw up to 159,500 jobs vacant in September, up from a way high number of vacancies in August. Compared with September 2021, job vacancies were up to 25.8% (+32,800) the largest within the over the years in the increase of job vacancies of any fields.

Accommodation and food services

From the accommodation and food services, employers are vibrant to fill in 152,400 vacant positions in September, of up to 12.0% (+16,400) from the previous month’s. The increase was due to high job demand, within the year. Annually there’s quite numbers of jobs vacancies was down by 19.6% (-36,100) in September. The job vacancy rate within this field (10.4%) remained the highest among all field in September

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Construction Services

Within this area, job vacancies sky rocketed from 14.0% (+11,500) to 93,900 in the construction sectors in September. Like the accommodation and food services, the increase was largely shown in effects. This compared to in 2021, jobs vacancies in construction was up to 14.9% (+12,200). The job vacancy rate was 7.4% in September 2022, was up to 6.8% in September 2021.

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Retail trade, Professional, Scientific and Technical Fields.

Within September, the accounted quite numbers of jobs vacancies in retail trade (117,300) and professional scientific and technical services of (61,900) and was a bit rotated but still elevated. However in September the jobs vacancies ratios in the ratio trade fields was to scale up to 5.5% and that in the professional, scientific and technical services fields it’s was 5.0% of reported.

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Job vacancies decline in manufacturing

The number of job vacancies in the manufacturing sector decreased to 76,000 in September, down 11.3% from August and down 17.6% from its peak of 92,100 in April 2022. This drop occurred following the fourth decline in five months in the sector’s real gross domestic product recorded in August. From August to September, the job vacancy rate declined by 0.5 percentage points to 4.6%. ratios.